JOYINGS Metal & Plastic Co.,LTD is an manufacturer that specializes in shop fitting and fixture for retail industry , Located in foshan – a city in south of china, Guandong Province, it’s a private company established in 1998 ,through years of working , Joyings has expanded rapidly and developed a full range of high quality shop fitting and fixtures


We have workshop cover an area of 10,000 + square meters ,with total about 200 employees include workforce in production /Quality Control / R&D ,etc.


Main & Hit Products

1.Slatwall & Display

2.Apparel Fixtures & Perimeter Hardware

3.Retail Display & Fixture

4.Hook & hanger,Wire shelf,Slatwall Accessories

5.OEM Service


Main equipments


  CNC machining center

  Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) & Wire Cut EDM

  Milling & Lather & Grinder Machine

2.Plastic injection :

  plastic injection machine 90 T /120 T/160 T / 400 T

3.Metal Working : 

  milling machine

  spot welder, flat position welder, argon  welder, TIG,,MIG welding

  Punching  Press 

  Cutting & Drilling  & Bending & polishing  machine 

4.Wood Working :

  Cutting , Drilling ,Pressing , edge banding , 

5.Automatic Powder coating Line



Contact Us


    Tel: (86) 0757-85587311/85587302
    Fax: (86) 757-85533232
    Email: [email protected]
    Add: Dazhen Industrial Park ,Dali ,NanHai District ,Foshan City ,Guangdong ,China . PC 528231

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